"What If ... ?" Life Scenarios

Making Life's decisions before we have to face them emotionally.
These make good devotional topics or journal writing starters.

For Children

1. You see your sister playing with your teddy bear. You were not going to play with it until you saw her with it. It is yours and you don't want her to play with it. What do you do? How do you think your actions will make your sister feel?

2. Mom asks you to pick up the puzzle you were using earlier, but now you are playing airplanes with your brother. You are having so much fun and it won't be the same if you have to stop for a few minutes to clean up your mess. What do you do? How do you think your actions will make your mom feel?

3. Your mom asks you to watch your 2 year old brother while you are playing outside. You take him to the playhouse and play with him there, but soon your brother is bored and wanders over to play in the sandbox where you can't see him. You really want to play in your playhouse. What do you do?

4. You are at the park with your friends and a boy you don't know is riding his scooter on the sidewalk. He hits a bump and loses control. He crashes and lands in the grass. All of your friends laugh at his misfortune. He doesn't look hurt. What do you do?