Free Religion Home Education Resources

Moral Topics

iTBN - Faith themed movies and much more.
Mindfulness - 25 mindful activities for children. Teaching kids to pay attention to how they feel helps them to be prepared to listen for God. (Positive Psychology Program)
Classroom Manners - Old video that teaches children how to get along with each other and be respectful. (TV School House)

What if...? Scenarios

It is much easier to make life's decisions if you make the decision before you are caught up in the emotion of a problem. You are more likely to  make a right decision if you have thought about that situation and pondered about what you would do beforehand. These would make good devotional conversations or journal prompts.

My List of Life Scenarios - My growing list that I have written myself.

Scenarios by Age - A list of scenarios for ages 4-18. (Focus on the Family)

Older Children and Teens - This list is mostly for teens. (Good Character)

Teen/Adult Scenarios - A lot of these are for the workforce. (Care2)

Adult - A few adult scenarios in the middle of the article. (Greater Good)

Teens/Adults - Warning: a lot of these are pretty morbid. (Pixi's Blog)


Bible (KJV) - Full text of the bible. Includes topical index, bible dictionary, and more under "Study Helps".

Proverbial Homemaker - Lots of printable packs on religious topics.

Grapevine Studies - A few free sample lessons.