Free Reading Resources For Home Education

Letter Recognition & Basic Letter Sounds

Full ABC Recognition Curriculum - (Easy Peasy)

Letter Sounds - Videos and other info to help teach children letter sounds (Reading Bear)

Letters and Sounds - Short activities to teach letters and sounds. (Starfall)

Preschool/Kindergarten Language Arts - Lots of activities, crafts, and printouts. (123 Homeschool 4 Me)

Alphabet Coloring Pages - Coloring pages with a letter and a corresponding picture. Example: Dd with a picture of a dinosaur to color. (Fisher-Price)

Alphabet Books - Helps kids begin to recognize the letters of the alphabet. 

Letter Games

ABC Games - (Fisher-Price)

Letter Knowledge Games - (

Letter Sound Relationships Games - (

Hearing Rhymes and Sounds - (

Kindergarten Word Games - A lot of alphabet games here, and a little more. (

Basic Reading

Short Vowel Sound Words - Videos that help children phonetically sound out basic 3 letter words. (Reading Bear)

I See Sam Books - Free original "I See Sam" readers. It uses a good blend of phonemic sounding of words and sight words. (

Progressive Phonics - Phonemic books and coordinating worksheets.

Sight Word Books - Learn to read with repetition.  (The Measured Mom)

Starfall - word family exercises and short stories.

McGuffey Eclectic Primer - Short reading lessons that get progressively harder. (EP Book Spot)

Teach Your Monster to Read - This games starts with letter sounds and immediately turns the idea into forming words. You may want to closely watch your child and correct the pronunciation on a few so your child doesn't get confused. (It uses England's pronunciation.)

Bridge to Reading - Animated computer program that helps new readers learn basic words. (Owl and Mouse)

Beginning Reader GAmes

Sight Words Games - (

Phonemic RUles

Reading Bear - Teaches rules such as silent e and gh, controlling  r, oi and oy, dge, and so much more.

Starfall - Excercises and stories that teach some basic phonemic rules.

Progressive Phonics - Phonemic books and coordinating worksheets.

Phonics Books - Learn to read with phonics.  (The Measured Mom)

Teach Your Monster To Read - This great resource makes reading a game. The only problem I have found with it is that it is based on England's pronunciation.

Improve Reading Through Practice

Short Stories - Various online books that can be listened to as well as read alone. (Starfall)
Dolch Words - Practice recognizing common words. (Mrs. Perkins)
Reading Vine - Short passages by grade level with questions to ensure understanding.
Fun With Dick and Jane Readers - (


Fluency and Accuracy - Reading passages and tests to improve and monitor speed and accuracy.

Fluency Passages - Reading passages by grade level. (McGraw-Hill)

WCPM Tutorial - Learn how to convert a reading passage to WCPM. (Reading Rockets)

Fluency Passages - Passages for 3rd grade - 6th grade.

Listen to stories

Storyline Online - Picture books read aloud.

LibriVox - A large variety of audio books online.

Libraries of Hope - There is a small section under Audiobook.

Kids Learn Out Loud - Audio books on lots of topics. For older students: Learn Out Loud.

Reading For the Fluent Reader

Children's Books Online - Large selection of antique books.
Baldwin Online Children's Literature - Classic children's literature.
Project Gutenberg - Over 53,000 ebooks. It has many classics such as Huckleberry Finn and Pride and Prejudice.
EP Book Spot - McGuffey books sorted by difficulty.
Kids World Fun - Moral short stories for kids. There are also poems, riddles, etc if you search through the site.
Libraries of Hope - Lots of stories and fine art.
Google Books - Find millions of books that have been scanned. Hint: to find free books select "Tools" and change "Any Books" to "Free Google eBooks."
Many Books - Lots of ebooks.
International Children's Digital Library - Lots of online books.
Aaron Shephard's Stories - Children stories, fairytales, folktales, myths, historical, etc.
Children's Books Forever - Children's stories by Hans Wilhelm.


English Vocabulary - Identify the meaning of words to increase your vocabulary. (Free Rice)
Vocab Ahead - Vocab for 6th grade - 11th grade. Uses several methods to help reinforce understanding and memory.
Grade Spelling - Definitions and example sentences separated by grade level with reinforcing exercises.
Word Games - Difficult word games for high school and adult. (Merriam Webster)
Word Games for Kids - Games to understand harder words for older elementary to middle school. (Word Central)


Comprehension Worksheets - Worksheets for grades 1-12. (English for Everyone)

Book Adventure - Read books, take a comprehension quiz, and earn prizes.

Reading Vine - Read a passage and answer questions about it. Grades K-12.

Into The Book - Read passages and learn to look past what the words say.

Dictionary - Look up words you don't know here. Also, Word Central that is specifically for kids. (Merriam Webster)

Other Reading Tools

Reading Log & Sticker Bookmarks - (PK1 Homeschool Fun)

Kids Book Report Templates - (Square Head Teachers), (123 Homeschool 4 Me), (What the Teacher Wants), (Totally Terrific In Texas).

52 Week Reading Challenge for Teens - (Ben and Me)

2017 Summer Reading Program - Earn a free book by reading this summer. (Barnes and Noble)

2017 Scholastic Summer Reading Program - Earn rewards by reading this summer.

Read Write Think - Suggestions and resources about reading, writing, and understanding both.

Word Definition Printout - Use this page to write down words from your reading that you don't know. Look up the words in the dictionary and write them down.