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A Book In Time - World history games and activities.

ABCya! - Games for Pre-K to 5th grade.

America's Library - A few history games.

Audubon - Nature and "green" games.

Ben's Guide - American government and states games.

Bill of Rights Institute - American constitution games.

Claricode - Medical and computer programming games.

Classics for Kids - Music games.

Discovery Kids - Science games. - Educational games for Pre-K - Highschool. Only a couple games can be played for free each day.

EP Math Practice - Math facts games.

EP Thinking - Brain exercising games.

Fisher Price - Preschool age games.

Fun Brain - Educational games and others just for fun.

Fun 4 the Brain - Educational games PreK - grade school.

FunMaths - High school math games. Also math games and puzzles.

Greg Tang Math - Math games.

iCivics - American government games.

I Know That - Lots of educational games for PreK - 6th grade.

Johnnie's Math Fun- Lots of math games.

Johnnie's Math Page - Math games and learning activities. - Various educational games. Also games for teens.

Kids World - Memory, puzzles, and games for fun.

Knowledge Adventure - Educational games and more.

Learn 4 Good - All kinds of games.

Learning Games for Kids - Lots of educational games.

Math Games - (Free Training Tutorial)

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill - Educational games.

Magic School Bus - Science games.

Making Music Fun - Music theory games.

Math Fact Cafe - Math games.

Math Playground - Lots of math games.

Merriam-Webster - Word games. Also Word Central.

Mission US - History games.

Mr. Donn - History games.

Mr. Nussbaum - Lots of educational games for kindergarten - middle school. - Math games and more.

Nasa Kids Club - Science games.

National Geographic Kids - Educational games and more.

Owl and Mouse - Map puzzles.

PBS - Games for younger children. - Typing games.

Seterra - Map games.

Sheppard Software - Lots of educational games.

Smithsonian Education - Educational games.

Spelling Games - (Free Training Tutorial)

Starfall - Holiday games and reading games.

Stop Disasters Game - Try to save the community from a disaster by preparing for it.

Stress Relief Games - (Free Training Tutorial)

Typing Games - (Free Training Tutorial) - Typing games.

US Mint - Money games.