Free Homeschool Resources

An organized collection of free home educating resources available on the web.
We are a homeschooling family that relies almost entirely on free online resources. I find that I often waste a lot of time searching for a free resource that fits the criteria I need at a particular stage in my child's understanding. I have attempted to be organized in saving these resources to my computer, but this method still does not seem as effective as I would like. I have searched for lists of free resources on other sites, but none of them seemed to be organized in a quick efficient way. Also these lists often mix in paid resources as well, so I have to sift through them to find the ones that are free. Some lists will name a website with a bunch of free resources, but you still have to go through and sort through them on each individual website. I will try to make my list better than that. I will try to organize each of these resources by category so it is easy to pinpoint your free options on the web. Keep checking back as I update my list. If you know of some great free resources (or if you offer some yourself) let me know so I can add them to my list. I hope this helps your family as much as it does mine! Don't forget to add this list to your FAVORITES so you don't lose it!

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Full Websites or curricula (Alphabetically listed)

Aaron Shephard's World of Stories - Folktales, myths, and more children's stories.

A Book In Time - History crafts, activities, games, maps, and timelines.

ABCya! - Educational games for Pre-K to 5th grade.

Activity Village - Printables, coloring pages, puzzles, crafts, games, etc.

American Heritage - Learn American history for K-12 and beyond.

America's Story - Learn about different American eras, famous people, presidents, states, etc.

Anglomaniacy - English vocabulary and grammar for kids. Focuses on ESL.

Art for Kids Hub - How to draw YouTube video series.

Assessment Test Resources - Tests from 1st grade to ACT prep. Use these at the end of your school year to make sure you aren't leaving gaps in your child's education.

Audobon - Learn about birds and protecting the planet with games, videos, and articles.

Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project - Classic literature for kids.

BBC Bitesize - Videos that teach art, history, music, and lots more.

Beacon Learning Center - Lots of web lessons on various topics.

Ben's Guide - Learn about the US Government.

Big Brown Bear - Learn to type for beginners.

Bill of Rights Institute - Understand why the US constitution is so important and more.

Blue Tadpole Studio - How to draw step-by-steps.

Book Adventure - Reading comprehension.

Chef Steps - Cooking courses.

Children's Books Forever - Children's books by Hans Wilhelm.

Children's Books Online - Antique books for children online.

Civil War Trust - American civil war curriculum grades 3-12 and more.

Claricode - First aid, health games, software programming and coding for kids.

Classics For Kids - Music, composers, games, lesson plans, and more.

Cook Smarts - Cooking lessons for the home cook. This has many basics, but the intended audience is adults.

Congress for Kids - Learn about American government and take quizzes.

Daily Grammar - Lots of grammar practice and quizzes and a glossary of grammar terms.

Digital History - Tons of American history resources.

Discovery Kids - Science games and videos.

DogoNews - News/current events for children.

Duolingo - Learn Spanish, French, and many other languages.

Easy Peasy - This is a completely free full curriculum!! This site covers all of elementary and middle school education. We love this one!! This is where we do most of our schooling.
Easy Peasy for Highschool

Education World - Lots of lesson ideas on a variety of topics.

Educents - Pre-k to 12th grade resources. - Educational games, worksheets, etc. They give you a few free resources each day. If you want to use it more you have to pay.

English Banana - Full English curriculum with lots of printouts.

English Club - Grammar, vocabulary, hard to spell words, ESL, etc.

English For Everyone - Tons of writing, grammar worksheets, etc.

English Grammar 101 - Everything grammar!

English the Easy Way - Idioms, confusing words, grammar, ESL, etc.

EP Book Spot - McGuffey readers sorted by reading difficulty.

Fisher Price - Preschool level includes games, videos, coloring pages, crafts, and DIY learning activities

Free Rice - Take quizzes on many subjects and help to fight hunger with every correct answer!

Free Training Tutorial - Math, spelling, grammar, typing, and more.

Fun Brain - Reading, math, and just for fun games.

Fun 4 the Brain - Tons of educational games.

Funmaths - Middle school and high school math worksheets, games, tutorials, projects, etc.

Google Books - Search millions of books that have been scanned. Hint: to find free books select "Tools" and change "Any Books" to "Free Google eBooks."

Grade Spelling - Spelling lists and activities for 1st-8th grades.

Grammar Bytes - Learn grammar terms, practice with exercises and worksheets, and more.

Grammar Monster - Learn anything grammar.

Greg Tang Math - Learn math and play math.

Have Fun With History - Lots of American history topics and activities.

History Channel -History videos, articles, pictures and speeches.

HodgePodge - Art techniques, lessons, and more.

Hoffman Academy - Free video piano lessons. You do have to pay if you want to download the sheet music that goes with it.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op - Under the "Free Resources" tab you will find virtual field trips, curriculum and more.

Home Spelling Words - K-9th grade spelling lists with example sentences.

I Civics - Government related games and lessons.

I Know That - Games and exercises for all subjects designed for PreK - 6th grade.

International Children's Digital Library - Lots of online books to read.

Into the Book - Interactive reading comprehension program.

Into the Map - Create your own maps, write stories to go with them, and more.

I See Sam Books - Original basic phonemic and sight word readers.

Japanese Pod 101 - Learn Japanese.

Johnnie's Math Fun - Lots of math games.

John's Military History - Virtual battlefield tours and more military history.

Kahoot! - Create your own multiplayer quizzes and games. Teens may enjoy making their own.

Khan Academy - Free courses from kindergarten to college. Especially math, science, and computers, but there are other topics as well. - There are separate sections for kids and teens. Learning/games/videos covering lots of topics.

Kids Health - Learn about the body, health, recipes and more.

Kids World Fun - Moral short stories, ebooks, jokes, poems, and more. There are also a few hidden tricks to teach kids to remember math facts, etc.

Kindersite - Songs, stories, and games for little kids.

Knowledge Adventure - Games on various topics.

K12 Reader - Lots of spelling, grammar, vocabulary, worksheets and more.

K12 Math Worksheets - Lots of math worksheets for everyone.

Launch Pad - Read stories from young writers. Submit your own stories or art work to publish.

Learn 4 Good - Lots of games and teaching ideas on various subjects.

Learning Games for Kids -  A large variety of games to reinforce learning.

Learn Out Loud - Audio and video courses, books, and documentaries on all topics. The same thing specifically for kids: Kids Learn Out Loud.

Liberty's Kids - YouTube cartoon video series about the American Revolution.

Libraries of Hope - Lots of books and fine art.

LibriVox - Public domain audio books.

Lingualia - Learn English or Spanish. (Even good for English speakers to improve English.)

Luken Social Studies - A 7th grade teacher's social studies site.

Macmillan/McGraw Hill - A variety on all topics for young learners.

Making Music Fun - Learn about composers, instruments, theory, related sheet music and more.

Mango - Learn languages. This is a PAID site, BUT if your library subscribes to Mango then you can use it free. So depending on where you live it might be free.

Many Books - Lots of ebooks.

Many Things - Lots of help for English. - Math worksheets for all grades.

Math Fact Cafe - Pre-made math worksheets and customize your own.

Math Playground - 1st-6th grade math games, videos, modules, word problems, and common core.

Mearured Mom - Lots of reading printouts as well as some for math, writing and more.

Memorial Hall Museum - Lots of history stuff including pictures, clothing styles, tools, arts, history lessons, and more.

Merriam-Webster - Dictionary, thesaurus, games and more word related resources. Here is another Merriam-Webster site that focuses on kids: Word Central.

Mission US - Game for teenagers that helps to understand US history.

Mr. Donn - Lots of world and American history, geography, and more for K-12.

Mr. Nussbaum - Pre K - 6th grade, lots of subjects and games.

Mrs. Perkins - Dolch sight words practice.

Mrs. Warner's - Focus's on all topics at 4th grade, but much is appropriate for K-5. - Learn multiplication facts and play math games.

Music In Our Homeschool - Free 15 minute music lessons under the "Freebies" tab.

Nasa Kids Club - Learn all about space and earth.

National Geographic for Kids - Tons of games, videos, etc. about animals and the world.

National Treasures Workbooks - Activity books, spelling and grammar workbooks for K-6th. (McGraw-Hill)

Nature Boom Time - YouTube video series about trees.

Newsela - Current events and more.

Not Consumed - Religious, holidays, homeschool printables.

OpenEd - Assign lessons, quizzes, games, etc to your child on any topic K-12.

Owl and Mouse - Geography, mid-evil history, reading, and more.

Oxford Owl - E books with optional audio for elementary ages.

PBS Kids - Videos and games of favorite characters such as Curious George and The Cat in the Hat. (This is more fun than educational, but there is subtle learning involved.)

Piece of English Cake - ESL site. They have slide shows that I think are great to help preschool kids build their vocabulary.

PK1 Homeschool Fun - Printables and videos for little learners.

Progressive Phonics - Learn to read, phonics, and handwriting.

Project Gutenberg - Over 53,000 online books. - Government publications on many topics including history, health, animals, money, food, etc.

Reading Bear - Learning to read with phonemic understanding.

Reading Vine - Personalized reading K-12.

Read Write Think - Ideas and resources to help teach reading, writing, and comprehension.

Road to Grammar - Lots of grammar practice, quizzes, games, and more.

Science News for Students - Science articles on a lot of different topics.

Science Sparks - Science experiments and instructions.

Science Vault - Chemistry experiments and recipes for them. These are more for High School or possibly Middle School ages. - Learn to type.

Seterra - Map quiz games for the entire world.

Sheppard Software - Learning games, activities, etc on various topics.

Sight Words - Phonemic awareness and sight word games and flash cards.

Smithsonian Education - Topics are art, history & culture, science & nature, and people & places.

Spark Notes - Learn biographies of famous people, science, economics, and so much more for teens.

Splashes From the River - Spelling for grades 6-8.

Star Fall - Alphabet and Basic Reading Exercises/Games.

Stop Disasters Game - Simulation that helps understand how a community protects against disasters.

Story Bird - Create your own stories and poems with already made drawings.

Storyline Online - Picture books read aloud.

Story Jumper - Create and publish your own story. Read stories written by others.

Story Maker - Write your own stories. Has writing tips and graphics to use.

Storynory - Short audio stories for children.

Storytime Online - Listen to children stories. - Handouts for kindergarten through high school.

Teach Handwriting - Lots of handwriting resources here including pre-writing.

Teach Your Monster to Read - Reading program that starts with letters until fluent reading.

Teacher's Corner - Worksheets, lesson plans, writing prompts, etc.

The Culinary Cook - Cooking lessons that are focused a little more for the professional.

The Magic School Bus - The "Games and Activities" section is free. Here you can play science games, test your science knowledge with quizzes, or perform science experiments. - also

Trigonometry Game - Make trigonometry a little more entertaining with this game.

TV School House - Old educational films. - Learn to type for K-12. There are also typing games, tests, etc.

US History - Free online American history books and more.

US Mint - Learn about coins and play games.

Varsity Tutors - In the footing of the website you will find a list of free resources. Included are math explanations, early American history resources, tests, and flashcards for all ages.

Vi Hart - YouTube series focusing on having fun with math.

Vocab Ahead - Broaden your vocabulary, uses videos, quizzes, crosswords, and more to help your remember the new words. Words for 6th grade - 11th grade.

Vocabulary Spelling City - Free word lists and spelling tests. You have to pay for the other features.

Voices of History - Tons of American history curricula.

Web Grammar - Learn about just about any subject.

XtraMath - Math facts practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Your Dictionary - Dictionary, thesaurus, example sentences, synonyms and so much more. - Learn English. Lots of grammar practice and quizzes. ESL.

123 Homeschool 4 Me - A bunch of free printables on many topics.