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Are you a victim to life?

Posted on January 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM

Do you feel like you have no power to direct your life? Do you feel that all of your choices have been taken from you? Maybe you feel your happiness depends on your spouse. Perhaps you feel that whether or not you enjoy the day depends on how the kids behave. Do you feel like your life is controled by illness, death or grief? The truth is you do have the power within you to choose whether you are happy or sad. You have the power to make choices and choose how you react to the things that happen around you. To start the process from thinking "something happened to me" to "I can choose the way I react to my circumstances" it is a good idea to balance the base energy station in your body (the root chakra). Here I will explain some tips to balance this energy station.

In someone whom the root chakra is underactive they may feel like a victim to life. A victim feels their fate is out of their control. Maybe they feel their spouse, family, boss, etc controls the outcome of their life. In someone who's chakra is overactive, they may feel that they need to control how their life plays out.

The root chakra is located at the end of the tail bone. In your mind's eye picture a red light in the area of the tailbone. Picture that red (or sometimes i use white) is coming into this chakra from heaven, the earth, and/or the atmosphere around you. Then picture the red being dispersed from this energy station throughout your entire body. I also use white to purify my chakras and entire body. If my chakras are so disfunctional that I cannot recall the color (in its pure form) that is associated with that chakra, then I cleanse the chakra with white first. To do this, imagine the white coming in from the earth up through your feet, from heaven down through your head, and from the atmosphere around you coming into your torso. Imagine the white cleansing first the chakra then working outwards to cleanse the rest of the body. I also like to push any black/gray energy out of my body. The most effective way for me is to chase it with the white, forcing it out of my fingertips and toes.


Also to balance this chakra we must trust that God is in control. By trying to control our lives, we are showing a lack of faith in God's judgement.


The affirmation for this chakra is "I do not need to be in control of my life to be happy. God is in control of my life. He sees more than me and understands more than me. Today I will trust him. Today I will let him guide my life. Today I don't need to have control, but I can go with the flow and enjoy it."


Repeat the affirmation after opening the chakra with the colors and/or in the morning before you start your day.

Here is a site that might help you take your root chakra to the next step after you have succeeded at the basics that I have outlined.


Now it is time to get to work healing your emotions and your spirit by correcting the energy inside!

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