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What is Healthy Living....Really?

Posted on January 5, 2015 at 5:30 AM

Last April my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease. She spent the entire week of her 3rd birthday in the hospital! I felt awful! The doctors reassured me that there was nothing I could have done to prevent this. I believed them. After all, why should I not? They are the doctors and specializing in pediatric diabetes to boot! I am just a mother of a sick child. Well, although I do not consider myself an expert in how to keep a body healthy; I am lucky because I know someone who is an expert. Heavenly Father. He designed our bodies and built them, right? It is no surprise that he knows how to maintain them, is it? So a gracious Heavenly Father has been guiding me down a path to learn how to correctly take care of our bodies. I would like to share with you some of what I have learned in this process.

So what is healthy? We have been taught "Eat Your Grains," "Whole Grains," "Sparing Fat," "Fat is Bad," "Eat your fruits and veggies," etc. This is only a few of the examples of health advise that we get. In addition to these basic guidelines there are a bunch of health fads out there that conflict with these statements and each other? Which of these are true? I'll dive into these a little deeper.

Lets start with eating grains. Are grains good or bad? Both. Complicated right? Grains in and of themselves are good. I say this because Heavenly Father tells us so in the scriptures. However, grains are bad for us in the American Society. Especially wheat. Why? Because of the way that farming has progressed here. Guess what! Diseases like Type 1 Diabetes and Celiac Disease that are caused by a destroyed digestive system and an intollerance to wheat are not a problem in undeveloped nations. While there are lots of differences besides the way wheat is grown between these nations, I do believe it is a significant factor. Some people who have gluten intolerances (wheat, barley, etc) say that when they leave the country to a 2nd or 3rd world country they no longer have a reaction to wheat products. Strange isn't it? Here are some ideas that some people believe to be the cause of our wheat not being safe to eat. 

First, some believe it is because we harvest the wheat too early. The impressive farming equipment allows us to be on top of harvesting our crops faster. They claim this is important because of the stage of the gluten inside the wheat. If harvested too early the gluten is in an undigestible form and rips up the sensitive digestive system as it passes through. They claim that before technology advanced the wheat would begin to sprout in the field before it was harvested. The sprouting caused a change to happen to the gluten making it not only digestible but healthy to the human body. These people also claim that correctly fermenting wheat into sour dough also changes the form of the gluten into a digestible form.

Second, there are others who believe that pesticides are the cause of our wheat being unhealthy. (I personally believe that both are true.) Roundup is heavily used in wheat farming. In fact, it is said that it is common practice to use it during harvest. This means the poison is sprayed directly onto the grains we put into our mouth. Disturbing right? While Roundup producers claim that their product is food safe, I think even they would say it isn't a good idea to drink a bottle of Roundup? Yet with all the wheat we eat and Roundup sprayed directly onto the seeds, don't you think we have all drank our bottle of Roundup by now? Just a thought.

Also another thought about Roundup. Roundup seems to be a company protected by the government. (I am sure there is plenty of money and power involved.) People in the government don't want Roundup to go under. This means they are willing to protect the Roundup company even if their products aren't safe. There is a story on the grapevine about a community in Texas near a Roundup plant. The entire community had serious outbreaks of all sorts of crazy diseases. Finally the citizens were able to track the cause back to the Roundup plant. If I remember correctly they found the Roundup in their water supply. They tried to get the cops and government involved to stop the issue. Sadly they received no help. The government turned a blind eye and even protected the Roundup company. You, like me, might think twice before spraying that stuff in our yards again.

So, do you still want to eat wheat? I suggest growing your own. No I've never done it. I imagine it isn't an easy thing to do unless you have the right equipment.

Alright, so now we have covered why we shouldn't be eating wheat so why even cover if whole wheat is good? Obviously the same applies! Whole wheat is better than refined wheat, but if you are growing your own wheat what are the chances you are going to refine it? :)

So what about using fat sparingly? Many believe that eating fat is what causes us to get fat. This is completely false. Fat is stored up because of extra glucose in the blood that is not needed immediately for energy. All foods with calories are converted into glucose. It does not matter if the calories come from fat, protein, or carbohydrates. In fact, fat and protein require more energy to digest than carbohydrates so the amount of glucose remaining in the blood stream is about the same regardless of where we get our calories. So are fats good or bad for us? It depends on where they come from. Fats and oils that are found in nature are good for us. Oils that are human produced? Not so good. So which ones are good? The fat on a chicken (or other animal), butter, coconut oil, olive oil. Not only are these fats fine, but they are important for your health so make sure you incorporate them into your diet.  There are other grievances about whether or not dairy products are healthy for you. Again, this is due to the way milk is produced. If this is an issue, milk your own cow in order to make your butter. Which fats are not healthy? Vegetable oil and any oils made from seeds. Also margarine and any other vegetable oil based foods such as shortening, etc.

So our last health statement we focused on was eating fruits and vegetables. Should we be eating these? Yes. Any food in it's natural state is good for us. The only warning with fruits and vegetables is the pesticides and other chemicals that are sprayed on them. Do what works for you. Organic is expensive, grow your own, or wash them.

I hope this helped you to learn a little bit about how to be healthy in our day.

Thanks for reading!

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