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Best Snack to Cure the Munchies

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So lately I have had this craving. I have found myself indulging in this craving at least once a day, sometimes up to 3! Since I have spent so much time with this new treat, I have had a LOT of time to think about it. I have decided it is the perfect snack for EVERYONE, no matter what your situation.

 This is a great snack for:

Curing the Munchies


Weight Loss


Gluten Free


No Calories

Overcoming Addictions

Cures Heartburn

and it's FREE!

I am sure you could make that list a lot longer, but those are the types of things that are on my mind. So what could this miracle snack be? Well it is CRUSHED ICE!

Cubed ice doesn't give the same satisfaction as crushed, so you have to crush it. If you don't have an ice crusher, just throw it in a bag and smash it with a hammer! I had always heard that eating ice is bad for my teeth. I do not know whether that is true, but I believe it is much less true of crushed ice. The ice is cracked and fractured and not hard to bite into at all. My kids love it! They are always begging for some when I pull it out. I have only found one drawback. This may not be the best winter snack...still it is great the rest of the year!

So, no matter what your circumstance, why not give it a shot? It really does cure any munchy for me, whether sweet or salty. (Beware though that if you are craving salt, it may mean you aren't getting enough salt. I don't think we can claim that for sweets though.:))

Soooo...ice anyone?!!

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