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How to get a child to sleep

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 3:20 PM

You know those days when you are up all night with a tired kid who screams hysterically when you put him to bed. Usually there is a good reason for this like an illness or teething. Sometimes they are scared because they had a bad dream, or best of all they just want to play all night and don't act tired at all.

Those nights can be so frustrating! Before you know it, you discover that being ornery is contagious and Mom's got it too! So what is the answer? The past few months I have found something that has worked 100% of the time! It works in about 10 minutes! Plus, it won't cost you a penny! However, there is one catch. It won't work in the summer. Still it works about 60% of the year, so go ahead give it a try! So what do you need for this little miracle?

Recognize that? Yep, that's a heat vent!

... and baby's favorite blanket! If it isn't big enough to cover both you and your child then grab a big one as well. Believe it or not that is all you need! Now it is time to turn up the thermostat, sit on the floor, and put the blanket over both of you and the heat vent. Usually your child won't want to just sit there at first. They will likely try to squirm, get away, or play with your face. Hold them gently but firmly so they can't move. Please don't squeeze, there is a difference between the two. The child should enjoy this one on one time with mama. Give her a kiss, tell her you love her, rock her back and forth, and sing her a lullaby. Try not to do anything that will stimulate her mind like games, books, stories, etc. Keep it simple. Just love him and make sure he feels that love. By the time the furnace shuts off he should be very relaxed and no longer squirming. Then wrap his favorite (rather warm) blanket around him and put him in bed with a kiss.

Ta-Da! Baby is in bed to stay! At least it has always worked for me. I hope it works for you, too!

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