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Ruffles Car Seat Blanket Crochet Pattern (Infants or Toddlers)

Posted on December 3, 2015 at 3:25 PM

Guess what!? Yes, another pattern is here! I am super excited about this one. I think you will like it too! Once again, I found a unique fun stitch. If you have been crocheting awhile, you know where I am coming from. The basic standard stitches get boring real fast and you want a new stitch. If not a new stitch, you at least want a new way to put those stitches together that creates a unique beautiful finish. This pattern uses the later. There are no new unusual stitches that the beginner doesn't already know. The hardest stitch used is a double crochet! BUT the combination of style and stitches is unique and creates a masterpiece!

I WON'T say I made the stitch up. I did actually see something similar once before. I WILL say that I had no one to teach me the stitch. I scoured the internet to discover how to work the stitch or to identify the name...I never found anything. I experimented and pulled out my work until I found a way to replicate what I had seen. What I mean to say is, I do owe credit to another crochet artist for the stitch. I just don't know who to thank. Even more, my version may not be the same as the original. So if this combination of stitches has a name, I am unaware of it. I decided to call it "Ruffles." Want to see it? Here it is!

Deciding what to do with the stitch was the easy part! Like always, I wanted to make a car seat blanket! (In case you are new here, check out my other car seat blanket and canopy patterns!) To be quite honest, my first attempt to make the pattern was a complete failure! At the time, I couldn't cope with the failure after so much hard work. I quit crocheting for over a year (that is why you haven't seen any new patterns for a while). I walked away from my business (except for answering pattern questions when they came in).

I focused on other parts of my life (and believe me there was plenty to keep my focus away from crocheting). Little did I know that my path away from crocheting was the path that would reignite my love for crochet. (I'll try to remember to write about that in a different post.) It was a very important journey for me. When I returned to crochet; there was excitement, ease, and a sense of accomplishment. Honestly, those are things I hadn't experienced in my life for a very long time. (Seriously! I need to write another blog about that! It is an amazing story for me. It is a little off topic for this post, though.)

Let's get back to the car seat blanket. I finally got up the guts to undo all of my hard work and begin the process of starting over. I was SO surprised by the ease and the lack of resentment for the previous failures. The pattern whipped together in only a matter of days. That was so much faster than I had been able to create a pattern before. My previous attempt for the same pattern had taken several MONTHS! It flowed, it was easy, and I was excited to feel this difference. At last, the beautiful blanket I could see in my mind became reality. So, now, I would like to introduce the "Ruffles Car Seat Blanket!"

This car seat blanket is different from the other car seat blanket patterns I have made. My other patterns had a thin layer of material between the baby and the car seat. A couple of people (literally 2) felt uncomforrable putting a blanket underneath their baby while in a carseat. I took those comments into consideration while designing this new style of car seat blanket.

So here is a list of everything you need to know about this blanket:

  • Includes variations to make for toddlers and infants
  • Material is thick (in order to keep baby warm in wintery weather)
  • ONLY on top of the baby.
  • Pocket to keep feet warm (only for infants)
  • Attached to car seat
  • It cannot be kicked off
  • Babies/toddlers can still use their hands
  • Impossible to forget or lose the blanket
  • Unusual, beautiful stitch
  • Written pattern
  • Diagrams and pictures are used to improve understanding of the pattern
  • Only uses basic stitches (but results in a more than basic look!)
  • Information to help with gauge is included in the pattern

Where do I get my copy of the pattern? (all of these patterns are great for grandchildren and baby shower gifts, too!)

Do you want to see a matching canopy pattern for this blanket?

(I've already got new design ideas spinning in my head!)

Let me know in the comments!

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